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Mechanical Binding

Mechanical Binding Offers Business Owners in Metro Detroit an Effective, Yet Economical Binding Solution

Using plastic spirals and wire-o’s, mechanical binding holds books together without the need for glue or stitching. A benefit in both cases is that this allows a book to lay flat, making mechanical binding a popular binding choice for workbooks and educational resources, such as manuals, cookbooks, calendars, and notebooks. This is perhaps the most economical option of the binding services, especially in short runs.

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Wire-O Binding or Twin Looping Gives Your Product an Appealing, Professional Aesthetic

This type of binding requires all of the pages to be gathered, cut to size, collated, and then uses wire binding to join the pages together. This works with hard and soft covers. The biggest benefit to wire-o binding is the outward appearance. Compared to spiral binding, wire-o binding looks more sophisticated, whereas spiral binding may look juvenile in a professional setting. Wire-o binding also becomes a good choice in instances where you know pages will need to be added or taken out. Available in 1/4” to 1 1/4” diameters, our wire-o binding comes in black, white, bronze, silver, red, blue, and green. Other colors may be available upon request.

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What are the Benefits to Plastic Spiral Binding?

Similar to Wire-o binding, spiral binding also leaves the glue and stitching routes, but instead of wire, includes plastic spirals that are threaded through your pages to keep your book together. Using a high-speed hole punching machine, the holes for your spiral can be created in your pages where the spiral will be threaded. The biggest advantage to utilizing spiral binding over wire-o binding is that it is much more durable. Because the pages are bound with so many joints in the spiral, pages are less likely to fall out or become damaged as a result of the binding. If you or your customer plans to refer to the product you are binding a lot, we might recommend you consider spiral binding. Available in 6mm to 33mm diameters, our plastic spiral binding comes in black, white, navy, clear, red, and blue. Other colors may be available upon request.

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